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Binge eating disorders(BED) and an unhealthy diet may lead to nutrient deficiency which may be responsible for a range of health concerns- sudden weight gain, falling energy levels, digestive distress and low immunity to mention the least.

CPC Brands offers a set of advanced dietary products enriched with the nourishing goodness of pure natural extracts that may help offer optimum nutritional assistance to support targeted health goals.

  • The avanced keto diet supplement may help trigger nutritional ketosis.
  • The high-fiber detox supplement may help regularize bowel movement.

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Wellness guide

AAdhering to a healthy lifestyle that comprises the following regimen may help offer best results.

  • Healthy Eating Take the supplements daily & plan a diet rich in both micro & macro-nutrients.
  • Fitness Ritual Include aerobics, walking, yoga & strength training in your workout regimen.
  • Wellness routine Stay hydrated, have a restful sleep for an optimum duration and practice meditation.

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CPC Brands Detox

May help regularize the bowel movement.

May help support gut flora and improve digestive health.

May help promote nutrition improvements.

CPC Brands Keto

May help support the high fat- low carb keto diet. regimen.

May help maintain an optimal state of ketosis in the body.

May help support enhance fitness and energy levels.